Is Waterless Car Washing Safe?

In a word, yes very (ok that's two words) but waterless car washing is arguably safer for your car's bodywork than traditional washing methods. 

Unlike the hose, bucket sponge technique that we all know and love, waterless washing involves using a range of carefully developed products (read more about those here) in a very targeted way as we work round the car before being wiped off using the highest quality microfibre cloths. A separate clean cloth is then used to polish the area to a high gloss shine until the whole car is covered.

Buckets and sponges are perfectly fine and have been for years but unless you or your valeter use the two-bucket method or a grit guard, there is every chance that the sponge will pick up pieces of dirt which could then cause scratches to the bodywork. By using clean microfibre cloths which are frequently rotated, this risk is almost entirely eradicated. 

Furthermore, traditional car washing methods require wax to be applied post-wash as a separate, optional and often dis-regarded step. Our Advanced Ultra Nano products contain Carnauba and Nano waxes meaning that every car receives a high sheen protective wax coating keeping those nasty UV rays away, allowing rain water to run off and keeping the car clean for longer (until its next Filth Waterless Car Wash)!

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