Filth is the brainchild of two petrol heads James and Mike who met whilst cleaning their cars outside their flats in South West London during the pandemic in 2020. 

Unlike most people, they discovered they both enjoy spending lots of time looking after their vehicles and making sure they are spotlessly clean. The inconvenience of washing their cars on the streets of London, navigating hose pipes and buckets through their flats was a source of huge frustration. Anyone living on a terraced street or in a block of flats with underground parking knows how hard it is to secure a parking space outside your home! They knew they couldn’t be the only ones feeling this frustration and immediately began debating how to solve this problem.

After lots of in-depth research, they decided to try waterless car washing products and couldn’t believe the results. After being approached by multiple neighbours asking if they would wash their cars waterlessly for them too, they realised there was an opportunity to revolutionise the car washing industry and bring their passion for car cleaning to all major cities. 

Filth has launched in South West London, with big plans to roll out across London, the UK and Europe, helping to bring the sparkle back to filthy cars anywhere and everywhere.