Our carefully developed spray on solutions break down dirt by capturing it into small particles, whilst simultaneously coating your car with carnauba wax - the hardest natural wax on the face of the earth. This allows us to wipe away the dirt, without causing any damage to your car’s paint or surfaces. Once buffed to a polish, the carnauba wax protects your bodywork from harmful, damaging UV rays and environmental contaminants.

We have hand selected the highest quality products to clean your car’s windows, trim, tyres and body paint, rigorously tested on our own vehicles to ensure they meet our exacting performance and safety standards.


We use cordless hoovers to allow us to clean the inside of your car without any access to power. Our interior cleaning products have been developed to make your car stay cleaner for longer and smell fresh. 

Choose our Super Filthy package and we'll remove the most stubborn dirt and stains from your seats and carpets too.

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