Filth Waterless Car Cleaning

Filthy Inside

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Whilst we are able to clean your car in most weather conditions, if heavy rain is forecast we will need to reschedule your booking to another time. Prior to booking and to avoid any potential reschedules, we recommend checking the weather forecast.

This is the best package to choose if the outside of your car is ok but the inside is a bit worse for wear. We'll remove any rubbish, hoover the carpets and seats, polish the dash and trim before removing any smears from the interior of the glass so you'll want to sit inside your car again. If the exterior needs a bit of love too, choose our Filthy Inside & Out or Super Filthy packages.

Filthy Inside Includes:

  • Rubbish removal
  • Full internal vacuum to carpets and seats
  • Interior trim and dashboard clean
  • Interior glass clean
  • Complimentary Filth air freshener

Waterless car washing is a safe and effective way of cleaning light to medium pollution off cars (most of London's cars). If you've just been off-roading, a hose will be a better option for you but once you've removed the heavy filth, we can help keep your car clean and sparkly. 

Please note - we strive to offer an honest and high quality service. Whilst we can clean most vehicles, waterless mobile products do have their limitations (on both the inside and outside of a vehicle) and there may be instances where we won't be able to clean your vehicle to our high standards. If this is the case, we will give you the option to cancel for a full refund.